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Plenum-Rated VGA & SVGA Cables

Plenum Rated VGA & SVGA Cable

Plenum-Rated VGA & SVGA Cable

  • Plenum Cable VGA Wire
  • UL /CSA Listing: (UL) CMP c(UL) 75°C
  • Meets UL 910 FT-6 Burn requirements

Plenum Cable Features

  • Standard Design for SVGA Applications
  • Plenum Rated Version
  • Low Attenuation with Cellular FEP Flometrics Construction
  • CMP Rated for in Ceiling Routing
  • Available in multiple constructions
  • Individually colored coaxes for ease of identification

Plenum VGA Cable Description

Basic construction uses 28 and/or 26 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors with cellular FEP insulation. Twisted pair (or discrete wires) are cabled with coaxes and shielded. The cable is jacketed with Black* LS PVC. Cable is Plenum rated.

NOTE: *Black (000) is the standard jacket color for this product but other colors are available upon request.

Plenum SVGA Cable Applications

  • Flat screen displays
  • Multi-media applications
  • External wiring of monitors, CRT's and other video graphic displays
  • LCD projectors for extended remote distances
Distributor Name Phone Number
Anixter 888-264-9784
Heilind Electronics 800-400-7041
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