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Infiniband DDR / QDR Cables

ddr infiniband, qdr infiniband

Infiniband DDR / QDR Cable (Channel Matrix I)

  • UL /CSA Listing:(UL) CMG c(UL) 75°C
  • Meets UL 444 FT-4 Burn requirements

Channel Matrix Infiniband C

Infiniband High Speed Cable Features

  • True Cabled Design for Greater Flexibillity
  • SDR Compatible
  • DDR Compatible
  • QDR Compatible
  • Features Heat Bonded Tapes
  • Uses Proterial Cable America Channel Matrix™ Design

Infiniband Cable Description

Basic construction of these infiniband cables consists of 2, 8 or 24 parallel-shielded wire pairs cabled around Proterial Cable Manchester's patent pending Channel Matrix support. An overall AL/PET tape and braid are applied prior to a flex PVC jacket.

Infiniband Cable Applications

  • Infiniband Architecture
  • SDR Applications
  • DDR Applications
  • QDR Applications
  • Low Skew Applications
  • Differential Pair Applications
  • PCI Express

Infiniband Cable RoHS Eco-Friendly Index

<90ppm <5ppm <5ppm <5ppm <1000ppm
Pb Cd Cr+6 Hg PBDE's

Proterial Cable America is making every effort to provide Lead free and Cadmium free products to help protect our environment. To this end Proterial Cable America, Inc. has adopted RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) as its standard. Hitachi's website Eco-Index is designed to inform the interested user of contents of various restricted or banned elements in terms of parts per million. In most cases, the numbers stated are from actual lab tests using the acid digestion method, considered to be the most severe measurement of analyzing content of restricted and banned elements. It is Hitachi's goal to be 100% compliant to European RoHS, including the removal of the Deca-BDE exemption dated July 1, 2008.

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