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Indoor / Outdoor Cables

Proterial Cable America has a long history of designing and manufacturing advanced copper and fiber optic communication cables. Drybit is the result of identifying a need in the marketplace and responding with a product that achieves the desired goals and more. Drybit allows the user to run one cable through a wet environment as well as a plenum environment. Until the release of Drybit, the only viable solution to bridging these two vastly different environments was to use outdoor cable for the wet space and then transition over, via a consolidation point, to a plenum rated cable. Though this method worked, it was less than ideal for a number of reasons. Drybit solves this problem. Drybit is available in both Category 6 and Category 6A. Drybit is resistant to over 2,000 different chemicals and is available in shielded and unshielded designs. Drybit cables, like all other PCA copper and fiber communication cables, are made at the Manchester, New Hampshire facility.

UTP Copper Premise Cables
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