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Shielded Category5e, Category 6 & Category 6A Cable
Provide Extra Level Of Security

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Steve Kenney
Marketing Manager
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Phone: +1.603.669.4347, ext. 229

Manchester, NH - April, 2009 - Hitachi Cable America, a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cables, provides Shielded (F/UTP) Category5e, Category 6 and Category 6A copper cables to companies needing a high-level of security to deliver mission-critical operations. Companies in the Banking, Gaming and Healthcare industries benefit, not only on the ability to avoid interference from outside signals, but also on the protection the transmissions carry.

"The choice to use Shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A cable in banking and gaming industries is mainly due to the security benefits it provides. Shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A cable's enhanced performance is supported by a foil layer placed around the cable core that protects it from electrical issues, that if exposed to could slow down the transfer of information," remarks Steve Kenney, Marketing Manager at Hitachi Cable America. "Take our financial customers, for example - one second of lost time during a transaction could have a financial impact of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with our Shielded Cat 5e/Cat6A cable, they are not only guaranteed protection, but also speed. Our Shielded Cat 6A cable delivers guaranteed 10-Gigabit Ethernet performance."

Healthcare facilities also benefit from the performance offered by Shielded Cat 5e/Cat 6 and Cat6A cables. The fast and secure transmission of large documents, including X-rays and other medical informations, data transfer times are critical to their day-to-day operations.

Companies interested in learning more about the advantages of using either Unshielded or Shielded Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A cable products should contact the Sales Department at Hitachi Cable America at +1.800.772.0116 or visit for more detailed specifications.

About Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable America, located in Manchester, NH manufactures a complete line of copper and fiber optic cables. Over 3,300 different cable products are manufactured at their facility. Products include Category 7 shielded cable, Category 6A UTP cable, Cat 6 ECO™ shielded, outdoor Category 5e and 6 cable, armored plenum-rated fiber optic cable as well as plenum-rated indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables.

To learn more about HCA cable products, please contact Hitachi Cable America or call toll free at +1.800.772.0116.

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