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Enews Archive - April 2018

News and Updates from Hitachi Cable America
Have you heard the latest news from Hitachi Cable? We have a new division, the High Performance Medical Solutions division. The High Performance Medical Solutions Division will provide catheter tubing, high performance medical cabling and finished medical devices to OEMs worldwide. The HTP-MEDS brand will remain as a catheter product line under the new division. To learn more about Hitachi Cable America, Inc. and the High Performance Medical Solutions division, please visit our website:
Indoor/Outdoor Plenum rated Interlocking Armored Cables
Our Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Armored Tight Buffered is flexible and easy to handle. Light-weight aluminum interlock armor is standard and eliminates the need for inner duct or conduit and the cost associated with the installation of either. It is an ideal cable for linking buildings in a campus environment. With a plenum rating, this cable can go from outside to virtually any indoor location. Our armored tight buffered cables are both RoHS 2 and REACH compliant. The 900um buffered design allows for easy termination and each fiber is color coded for quick identification. All multimode and singlemode cables (except OM1) utilize bend-insensitive optical fibers. In addition, our armored tight buffered cables are both RoHS 2 and REACH compliant. For more information visit our site: Hitachi Cable America
What kind of fiber do you plan to install/use next?
ChannelFlex™ is a flat, flexible robotic cable solution that is suitable for Medical, Semiconductor and Display clean rooms as well as other manufacturing environments. There are four features to ChannelFlex that make it ideal for these applications: self-supporting internal flex member maintains desired geometry, pod based design for separating cables and tubes, long-lasting high flex materials and custom design options. With the ability to custom design ChannelFlex to meet your specific needs, you get exactly the cable you need. You simply select the number of pods you require, the cables that are to be used in each pod or sequence of pod, overall length (minimums do apply) and the desired width of pod material. For more information about the benefits of ChannelFlex and how to design your own, visit our site : Hitachi Cable America
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