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Q: How do I terminate Drybit to a jack?

A: Drybit cable has a unique construction that allows it to be both rated for plenum spaces and appropriate for wet locations. Drybit has a dual outer jacket construction. This outer jacket should be stripped in the manner that you would strip any jacket from any category cable. Your cable ringer can be set up to do one layer of the dual jacket at a time or both at once. The inner core of the cable is protected by the Drybit Barrier, which is just below the outer jacket. Once both layers of the jacket are removed, nip the Barrier as close to the jacket as possible. Unwrap it from the core and discard. You now have 4 pairs with a center filler exposed. Pull the pairs away from the filler. Nip the filler as close to the cable jacket as possible, being careful not to nick any of the conductors. Discord filler piece. You now have 4 pairs ready to terminate to any appropriate, standards compliant jack.

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