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Certified Installers

If you are a current Proterial Certified Installer and wish to apply for a warranty, please click on the link below:

A Proper Installation

Certified InstallerIf you want your infrastructure installed properly, obtain the services of a Proterial Cable America certified installer. Only a select few installers in a region are chosen to be Proterial Cable certified. These installers have received the appropriate training from either Proterial Cable or from training facilities and manufacturers recognized by Proterial Cable. Their training and certifications are kept current to ensure they are installing your cable infrastructure with the latest tools and materials and adhering to any and all applicable electrical codes installation standards. A proper installation results in a cable system that has all ports clearly labeled, RFI and EMI obstacles avoided and cable managed in a way that facilities future growth such as additional space in conduits, on tray and in J-hooks, as well as cable pathways that are identified to and accessible by the owner.

A proper installation:

  • Ensures compliance to TIA and ISO Cabling Standards
  • Ensures optimum performance, which is critical for the operation of applications such as 1000Base-T and 10G-Base-T
  • Allows for easier, less costly moves, adds and changes

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