Why Braided Tubing is Essential in Medical Devices 

Medical devices need to work safely and efficiently in every case. So, when these devices are manufactured, it’s essential that each and every component is constructed as safely and expertly as possible. 

At Proterial Cable America (PCA), our High Performance Medical Solutions (HPMS) team understands the components we make aren’t just important, they’re vital. With that in mind, our high performance braided tubing is made with one goal—to ensure the safety of the people who depend on the diagnostic devices that utilize our tubing or cable. Whether it’s our components that go into a medical device, or medical tubing, our products are crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

What is Braided Tubing?

The quick explanation of braided tubing is tube that has a layer of metal or fiber braided between two layers of polymer; affording strong burst pressure, durable reinforcement, no kinking and increased torque.   

The fortified tubing makes the tube stronger and able to hold up against higher pressure levels without bursting (1,200+ PSI).  

When HPMS manufacturers a braided tube, we can customize tubing based on a customer’s needs. We can braid single lumens, multi-lumens and a variety of other options in addition to changes in diameter or length. 

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What Makes a Braided Tube High Pressue and Why is It Necessary in Medical Devices? 

When braided tubing is manufactured, depending on the materials used and the strength of the product, it can be made to withstand low internal pressure situations or high internal pressure situations without aneurysm, bursting or collapsing. The structural support gained from the internal braiding will prevent the tube from swelling because the braiding is pressurized between the inner and outer layer. 

When a material expands, it doesn’t usually return to its previous shape. HPMS uses our high pressure braided tubing in medical devices such as injection lines and catheters, because we know it’s crucial to prevent expansion during a procedure. 

What are Medical Applications for High Pressure Braided Tubing?

The high pressure braided tubing made by HPMS is flexible, pushable, kink and crush resistant and is able to withstand high pressure situations without expanding or bursting. These factors combined make it a primary tubing for many medical applications and is very effective in catheter shafts.  

Braided tubing is also essential in injection lines used for diagnostic purposes such as in angiograms which involve injecting a dye through the vascular system to gain a better understanding of any anatomical impacts. 

“The proprietary manufacturing process matched with the decade plus of expertise at HPMS affords our key partners a quality, strong, consistent product for many diagnostics and therapies,” says Tommy Sargent, who oversees medical sales at PCA. 

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How Customization Works with High Pressure  Braided Tubing at Proterial Cable America

At PCA, we manufacture a wide array of high pressure braided tubing that meets the needs of the medical industry. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to customization. 

HPMS is able to customize each medical application’s wire braiding. Our advanced braiding techniques allow for an increase in compression loads so our braided tubes won’t buckle during the compression loading of retrievable, implantable medical devices like catheters and heart valves. 

While there are dozens of CMOs that extrude tubing, Sargent says HPMS is one of the rare partners that manufactures reinforced tubing. 

“There’s an art to it, though in a validated closed loop state, some cool little subtle nuances to the process,” he says. “Being one of the select few in the space, we take this offering seriously and with great pride.” 

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Let PCA Help You with High Pressure Braided Tubing

At PCA-HPMS, we work with medical device manufacturers to develop and produce braided tubing that meets stringent standards and unique client specifications. 

The dedication HPMS shows to quality ensures that our braided tubing solutions are top of the line, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of medical devices. 

Contact medicalsales@usa.proterial.com for questions about purchasing high pressure braided tubing from HPMS. 

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